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“UNITED24: Music for Ukraine”: Ukraine’s Official Playlist on Spotify Will Help Users Raise Funds for the Country

Spotify has released a playlist with Ukrainian music, performed by popular Ukrainian artists. It will also include music from top performers around the world who have pledged their support to Ukraine. The goal of the launch is to engage global music fans with supporting Ukraine, as well as to popularize Ukrainian culture worldwide. Users can now donate via the link in the playlist’s description, which leads to the country’s main fundraising platform, UNITED24, launched by the President of Ukraine.

“Six months ago, russia has started the full-scale war against Ukraine. We stay strong, while our artists make their voices heard around the world. The fighting continues, and today, we, more than ever, need your support. Thank you to all music fans worldwide. Listen to Ukrainian music, spread it around the world, and join our fundraising platform UNITED24!” said Volodymyr Zelenskyy

The playlist will continue to be updated. It introduces new global friends of Ukraine weekly, popular performers, promoting the culture to Western audiences. Artists will record videos with an appeal to subscribe and donate, and dedicate one of their songs to Ukraine, which will be pinned in the playlist. The playlist will start with a video address by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

The playlist is dedicated to the Independence Day of Ukraine, featuring a link to the monthly subscription for a symbolic $24 at UNITED24. All proceeds will go to support the medical needs of the state.