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DroneHunter F700
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’Shahed Hunters’ are Already Defending Ukraine

Shahed Hunters’ are already defending Ukraine

Six ‚Shahed hunter‘ anti-drone systems are protecting Ukrainian energy plants now.

These are the most advanced defensive technologies that are used to protect strategic facilities in the US. Radar jamming and deception system helps detect and block enemy UAVs, and uses a DroneHunter kinetic system to intercept them. The Fortem DroneHunter F700 is an autonomous drone with radar control and AI that can fly at a speed of over 100 km/h, which intercepts and safely lands enemy drones to avoid crash impacts.

In the video, you can see drone operators undergo training at the test site.

We thank Ihor Lachenkov, monobank and Oleg Gorohovsky personally, and everyone who joined the historic fundraiser for the ‚Shahed Hunter.‘

The hunt is ON!