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Residents of Egenville, Canada, Raised CAD 90,000 via UNITED24 for the Medical Needs of Ukraine

Egenville community in Canada held a charity auction raising 90,000 Canadian dollars to Medical Aid via UNITED24.

Over 60 lots were auctioned, from a residence certificate at the Ottawa Hotel to food supplies. A collection stamp by Oksana Malyar, a student from Kharkiv, was also presented. In 2017, when Canada celebrated its 150th anniversary, Oksana won a design competition dedicated to this event. The stamp became very popular among collectors and was even presented to the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau. The same stamp was sold at the auction for 1,500 Canadian dollars.

“We are a small community, but we do everything to support Ukraine! Our contribution is just a grain of sand compared to the scope of Ukraine’s common needs, but we sincerely hope that it will affect the lives of Ukrainians,” said Gerald Tracy, the event organizer.

Thank you all for your support!