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Rebuild Ukraine: Diana's Story
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Rebuild Ukraine: Diana’s Story

Diana left Irpin with her husband and children on March 4. The next day, an enemy shell hit their house and the ensuing fire engulfed the fifth floor. Nothing was left of their apartment except charred walls.

The young family lived on Lysenko St., 14-G. Boxing champion and UNITED24 ambassador, Oleksandr Usyk, chose this building for restoration. Of the 12,000,000 UAH required to close this fundraiser, Oleksandr donated 8,000,000 UAH himself. We need less than $100,000  to bring 98 people back home.

Diana dreams of the day she, her two daughters and husband, who is now serving in the National Guard, can return to their home as well:

 “Neighbors tried to put out the fire on their own, but, unfortunately, the flames could not be contained in time; the entire fifth floor, part of the fourth floor, and the roof burned down.

There’s nothing left from our apartment, except for a few walls.

Now we live with my parents. Six people in a one-room apartment. But we are not complaining — we get along with our folks very well. 

Our family always rooted for Oleksandr Usyk. When we found out he was raising funds for our home, we started crying. Hope has arrived. This feeling cannot be put into words. I understand the scale of destruction in Irpin, and how many people are still waiting for it to be rebuilt.

Recently, I was looking at family photos: before 2022, we were decorating our Christmas tree and making toys with our own hands. And we will definitely recreate these same toys again with our children. We will print and hang these same photos in the same places.

Both of my girls, as well as their dad, can play the guitar very well. Our musical instruments burned as well: two guitars, a ukulele… We will definitely bring these back home, too. This is what we’re going to restore.”

Help Diana’s family rebuild their home, by joining our ambassador Oleksandr Usyk’s fundraiser.