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Liev Schreiber is Raising Funds to Buy Generators for Ukrainian Doctors in Celebration of Thanksgiving
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Liev Schreiber is Raising Funds to Buy Generators for Ukrainian Doctors in Celebration of Thanksgiving

The American actor and ambassador of the UNITED24 fundraising platform thanked Ukrainian doctors for their work and is raising money to purchase generators that will keep medical facilities operational during emergency and scheduled power outages in Ukraine.

On October 10, russia delivered its most severe blow to Ukraine’s power grid, leaving 10 million people without electricity. Using missiles and Iranian drones, the terrorist state has caused damage to almost 50% of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. This led to emergency power outages in every region, leaving homes, businesses, hospitals, and other public infrastructure without lighting, heat, internet connection, or running water.

In light of the upcoming Thanksgiving Day tradition in the USA, Liev Schreiber and Bluecheck Ukraine with UNITED24 is launching a fundraising campaign to buy generators for Ukrainian hospitals. Americans highly respect this holiday by giving thanks for everything they have. This fundraising campaign also imparted a particular expression of gratitude from the actor:

“I’m thankful for Ukraine and the battle its people are fighting every day simply for the right to exist. I’m grateful for the reminder to cherish and protect the freedoms and the liberties that we have in our own country. How essential they are to our way of life. The best form of gratitude is tangible support. Ukrainian doctors have been working under shellings and bombings since the very first day of war. Every day, they create miracles with their hands by saving people’s lives. I know that they are brave enough to work in the light of candles and flashlights. Creating a space where they can simply do their jobs, the most important of jobs, is the least we can do for them,” commented Liev Schreiber.

Medical institutions in the regions most vulnerable to power outages will be equipped with generators, allowing doctors to see their patients and perform operations even in a total blackout.