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Hollywood Actor Liev Schreiber Become a UNITED24 Ambassador

On 5th of July President Zelenskyy held an online meeting with Schreiber. The collaboration is part of a new partnership launched between Schreiber’s charity initiative, BlueCheck Ukraine, and UNITED24, to efficiently raise additional funding from donors and disburse funds in Ukraine.

A popular American Actor and Co-Founder of BlueCheck Ukraine will focus on Medical and Humanitarian Aid direction.

A five-time Golden Globe nominee and three-time Emmy nominee, is of Ukrainian heritage. Schreiber has been assisting Ukraine since the first days of the full-scale invasion.

“We are sure that Ukrainians know better what kind of help they need exactly,” Schreiber said during the Zoom meeting with President Zelenskyy. “We took interest in the partnership with UNITED24 so that aid would go directly to Ukraine; so that the funds are not delayed somewhere in bank accounts abroad, but used to save lives and to meet the actual needs of Ukrainians instead.”