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Entire Families Donate Towards the Fleet of Naval Drones
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Entire Families Donate Towards the Fleet of Naval Drones

Did you know that entire families can donate towards the Fleet of Naval Drones? After all, what’s the most important thing for a Ukrainian family? Being cozy at home, the health of your relatives, and… as many sunken russian ships as possible!

25 families from the Family Business Network community have donated 400,000 UAH each and purchased a naval drone for Ukraine. With love and best wishes, they named it Fucking Bridge & Navy. We wish it many effective voyages 😉

Thank you to all these incredible families! Together we are victory!

Vovk family, Enzym/Kormotech

Volkov family Yugfood,

Burda family, RedHead Family Corporation

Bondarenko family, LIGA Group

Ovchinnikov family and brother Pavlo, KIDDISVIT

Trofymenko family, Multiplex

Potapov and Kosharny families, Suziria Group

Suzdaltsev family, Junimed Health and Organic Group

Lemberg and Azimov families, Aricol

Agromat families

Chekalsky and Shestopalov families, HD-group

Popereshniuk family, Nova Poshta

Sinytsi family, COLLAR Company,

Baran and Bavorovsky families, Barkom

Zdesenko family, Biosphere Corporation

Kogan family, KIMS

Pylypiuk family, Modern Expo

Mykhaylenko family, MIRS

Stets family, Aqua Planet

Dmitriev family, KONSORT

Kotolup family, Figaro-Catering 

The Korostylov family, ELIO

Pavlysh family, Zi

Klymov family, Nova Poshta