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Donate and Get World Tour Special Edition 2022-2023
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Donate and Get World Tour Special Edition 2022-2023

This unique and original Special Edition truly deserves its title. Our Air Cruise subtly blends classic destinations and surprising stopovers in an atypical round trip created to appeal to the most seasoned globetrotters. Does the idea tempt you?

Head for Mexico City for a colourful immersion from Mayan temples to the teeming megalopolis. Take off again for a lunch in the clouds over the ocean. The volcanoes of Hawaii appear, and you land in Honolulu – Aloha! Further west lies Fiji: a tropical Eden proud of its Melanesian customs. Still further afield, at the end of the Pacific, you reach New Zealand, one of the planet’s most quintessentially beautiful countries, self-proclaimed as “the edge of the world”. You return to your crew and your seat on board, and then, in barely three hours, we offer you the inaccessible in Hobart, Tasmania, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its incomparable nature. Still in Australia, this time on the island-continent itself, you are welcomed by Perth and its Australian way of life. Still further on, in the blue of the Indian Ocean, lies the paradisiac archipelago of the Maldives. Farniente? Well-being? Or underwater explorations? It’s certain that over four days you will have time to savour every kind of pleasure before reaching the green, untamed nature and astonishing vitality of Rwanda: the apotheosis of this unusual World Tour. The Land of a Thousand Hills and the gorillas you will meet will undoubtedly surprise you, but sssh! – we still have one last surprise in store for you before you return. And this one will be as incredible as anything you’ve seen on this very Special Edition.

So, if you’re a connoisseur, book your seat on your Private Jet while you can, because this is an ultra-limited edition of the World Tour !


Carte tour du monde edtion speciale luxe

In Paris, as soon as you go through the terminal door, you will see your smiling Cruise manager waiting to welcome you, and the journey begins… All that remains is to hand us your luggage and take a seat on board your Private Plane. Our entire team is there to assist you on the first steps of the magnificent adventure in store, starting with our flight attendants, who will show you to your seat for the next eight flights. Make yourself comfortable, have a glass of champagne and it’s already time to take off. With all the excitement of the first flight, the unique setting of this Air Cruise, and a cuisine to match. You will soon cross the ocean and arrive in Mexico City, poised to show you its wonders on your first stopover.

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico Mexique Tour du Monde Edition Speciale 2021

And we’re off! You are already enjoying your comfortable plane, the attentions of the crew, the canapés and champagne and the chef’s imaginative cuisine… In the late afternoon, you arrive in Mexico City, where the larger-than-life capital welcomes you for three nights. The huge Paseo de la Reforma avenue leads to the Palacio National, where your guide will retrace the “epic of the Mexican people” admirably illustrated in Diego Rivera’s famous frescoes. Does the cathedral look a bit askew? That’s normal in these volcanic lands, but they are also home to havens of peace away from the noise of this teeming city. For instance, you can visit the fabulous National Museum of Anthropology in the Chapultepec woods. Then the floating gardens of Xochimilco provide an enchanting, colourful stroll along the canals. You will also see the basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, where 20 million Mexicans come to contemplate the sacred shroud of the Virgin each year, as well as the remarkable pre-Columbian pyramids of the city of Teotihuacan. Of course, the joyful sound of mariachi bands will accompany you all through the first stopover of your World Tour. Viva Mexico!

Hawaï, United States of America

Machu Picchu Tour du Monde 2020

At your feet lies Honolulu, where people say Aloha! Hawaii, the fiftieth American state, is a delightful mix of Hula and disco, American modernity and Pacific tradition. Its capital is home to surfers and businessmen, palm trees and skyscrapers. You’ll visit the moving Pearl Harbour Memorial and Iolani Palace, the former residence of the last Hawaiian rulers, before heading to Diamond Head Beach, dominated by a magnificent 300,000-year-old volcanic tuff crater. You can also take a moment of free time to swim in the warm Pacific waters or stroll along the legendary Waikiki boardwalk. The day after a balmy tropical evening of ukulele music, you head for Big Island and the Volcano National Park: the island’s most spectacular site, with its rainforest, sulphur fumaroles, lava tunnels and more. The island’s stunning geology will hold no more secrets for you. You can explore it on the ground, from the air or even in a tête à tête, hidden from sight…

Nadi, Fiji Islands


Bula Male! Welcome to Fiji! A name that in itself already promises crystal clear waters, fine sand beaches, attractive hotels and traditions dating from the dawn of time. A surprising experience: during your flight, you pass the International Date Line: a slightly disconcerting time jump. Four centuries after the explorer Abel Tasman, you will discover this tropical Eden at the end of the world, populated by Melanesians with long-standing traditions and Indians who settled here in colonial times. 322 islands (a third of which are inhabited), a warm and friendly population, a soothing rhythm, and almost only one religion: rugby! During this short stopover, you will see Nadi, the gateway to the archipelago, go up the powerful Sigatoka River towards the interior to meet traditional Melanesian villages and admire the treasures of the Koro Sea.

Christchurch and Fiordland, New Zealand


You’re now in one of the most world’s beautiful countries. With its stunning scenery, powerful thrills, geothermal wonders, rich Maori culture, famous vineyards and remarkable indigenous wildlife, curiously, you’ll feel at home right away on the other side of the world in New Zealand. You land in Christchurch on the South Island, also known as Jade Island, before exploring the area around Queenstown, the adventure sports capital. There are numerous surprises along the way, all of them spectacular, including lakes, fjords, rivers and giant fern forests full of majestic beech trees. At night, in the sky, among countless new stars, you will be sure to see the benevolent constellation of the Southern Cross. Prominently displayed on the Kiwi flag, it will remind you that you are in the southern hemisphere, at the end of the world. Once again, your World Tour introduces you to another country – this one home to the All Blacks and Maoris, and a wealth of breathtaking nature!

Tasmania, Australia


Not even an hour’s flight away, the mountainous contours of Tasmania appear in the region south-east of Australia, in the path of the famous Roaring Forties. Known as the ‘Natural State’ and ‘Island of Inspiration Island’, it is largely classified as nature reserves, national parks and UNESCO World Heritage sites. You will land in Hobart, the capital mingling countryside and city, and the logistical base for the French icebreaker L’Astrolabe, which has been involved in most of our Antarctic expeditions to Adelie Land. You’ll visit the residential site of Battery Point; Salamanca Square, the historic and cultural heart of Hobart; the stunning Museum of Old and New Art (MONA); the former prison centre of Port Arthur and the charming colonial village of Richmond. And as well as all these wonders, Tasmania will offer you its own inaccessible world during your stopover.

Perth, Australia


You’ve changed shores and are once again in a different world: Perth is cradled by the rollers of the Indian Ocean and dominated by the Darling Ranges. With Geographe Bay, Cap Naturaliste and more, when you look at the maps, you’ll see references reminding you that Australia could have become French, as our greatest navigators left a deep-rooted legacy here. With the Swan River running through it, full of dolphins, Perth is famous as the sunniest city on the continent. A short distance away lies Fremantle (Freo to those who know it well), the carefree mecca of sailing and the America’s Cup. On your trip down-under, you’ll visit the historic centre with its buildings constructed by convicts, and the magnificent Kings Park overlooking Perth Water. You also have a date with the kangaroos and gentle koalas that live peacefully in Yanchep National Park. Alternatively, we suggest a trip to explore the incredible limestone concretions of the Pinnacles Desert and the extraordinary Wave Rock: a huge wave petrified in the rock 270 million years ago.

The Maldives


As you savour an imaginative lunch in the clouds, you have just crossed the Indian Ocean. Seen from above, this is an incredibly beautiful sight. You land in the Maldives: an idyllic archipelago scattered over 800 km south-west of Kerala, in India. Very soon you reach your luxurious island-hotel, walk around your villa, with its view of one of the world’s most beautiful lagoons – and in short, get your bearings, so as not to miss a single minute of the next three sunsets. You sip a cocktail on your terrace, hazily aware of the liquid soughing of palm trees mingled with the more distant sound of the surf on the coral reef. The air is warm, the breeze caressing. The ambiance? “No shoes, no news.” The surroundings? Powdery sand, an endless turquoise sea and a myriad multi-coloured fish. So to relax, will you choose snorkelling? The spa? A spot of reading? Or one of the many activities on offer? This is your Robinson Crusoe Island… in a paradise version.

Kigali and Volcano Park, Rwanda


Now for a change of continent and colour range: you are in Rwanda, the “land of a thousand hills”, in the heart of the African Great Lakes region. The capital, Kigali, is perched at an altitude of 1,400 metres. With the mineral red of the laterite, the deep green of the forests and the ochre of the small houses scattered over a bucolic countryside where children watch over long-horned cows, Rwanda, a far cry from the images of the past, is now an incredibly dynamic and forward-looking country; a model of resilience that commands admiration. The capital, today a breeding ground for numerous start-ups, provides an example of ecological transition. You will visit the moving Genocide Memorial and the meditation garden. You will cross a part of this splendid country, then set out with your rangers in search of “silverbacks” – big mountain gorillas – in the unique vegetation of Virunga. This country will amaze you. You will remember it as an intense encounter, a moment of wonder that will stay with you for a long time and undoubtedly stand as the climax of your World Tour.

Flying the Deluxe way with La Compagnie.

The excitement of a long-haul journey begins with the plane. Especially when it involves a luxury air cruise. Once again, Safrans du Monde has chosen La Compagnie for this outstanding World Tour.

Flying on board this Airbus A321neo is a unique experience – one provided by the latest generation of aircraft: quieter, more eco-friendly and much more comfortable. Operational since 2019, your A321neo is also more fuel-efficient thanks to its modern engine.

On board, each of the 76 seats, 50 cm wide, turns into a perfectly horizontal bed 192 cm long.

As each flight takes place during the day, you’ll no doubt appreciate the generous French-language entertainment system, the quality of your 15.6-inch screen and the free high-speed Wi-Fi connection. And perhaps you’ll let yourself drift off to sleep on the ultra-soft mattress, and enjoy a cosy nap above the clouds.

Assistance to the victims of the war in Ukraine

Assistance to the victims of the war in Ukraine

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Assistance to the victims of the war in Ukraine

No one is unaware of what is happening between Russia and Ukraine. Both countries are at war and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Russia is on the verge of destroying Ukraine.

Russia is targeting not only the defense forces of Ukraine but the people too. They don’t see if it is a kid, man, woman, or an old person standing in front of them. They just know to wipe them out!

The Russian and Ukrainian tussle has been going on for a long time, but the current situation is very different from what it was before.

This scenario is far from reality. The Ukrainian conflict is now a very complicated one. There’s a lot of conflicting information, conspiracy theories  and reports coming out.

So at this point, Ukraine needs a lot of help and support from other countries and companies!

We sleep at night peacefully knowing we are completely safe but think about the people who don’t even know at which second a missile would hit their house and shred it into pieces.

Now, there are a lot of amazing people out there who are helping the people of Ukraine with whatever they can. And some are helping the defense forces so that they can deal with what’s in front of them.

So, we thought of helping the victims!

As you know, Ukraine is under constant air strikes. And people who get caught up in them end up getting hurt so bad. And in these circumstances, it is difficult to find a hospital, let alone a doctor.

Think about yourself in such a situation. You are badly hurt and there is no one to help you and you cannot do anything to lessen the pain! And at the same time, you are worried about your family but you cannot even stand up to check up on them.

How helpless you would feel! So would you help to let those people know that we have got their back?

We should help Ukraine in the Russian Ukrainian war so that this peace doesn’t get ruined again. We are trying to help the Ukrainian people, who are trying to defend their country against Russian aggression.


The money you donate here would be like a ray of hope for those people. And it might even save someone’s life! You can give hope to someone who thinks that it is the last day of their life.

All the donations would be used for the treatment and assistance of the victims and we will also try to help them by giving money (depending on the amount raised). We will use the money for prostheses and severed limbs for the victims of the war.

Let’s join hands to help the helpless because the situation is very tragic and our joint help will motivate the innocent citizens of Ukraine and they will feel that they’re not alone.

With your help, we will serve as many people as we can. So step forward and donate as much as you can and tell the people of Ukraine that the world has not turned its back on them.

Don’t hesitate to donate a small amount, every penny counts! And also, don’t forget to share this campaign on your social media accounts.

Ferrari Roma QRC

Recipient – BONITATEM, NGO

Account no – LT813500010013262161


Bank code – 35000





The Ferrari Roma, the new mid-front-engined 2+ coupé of the Prancing Horse, features refined proportions and timeless design combined with unparalleled performance and handling.


Donate and Get Ferrari Roma with Bonitatem

Donate and Get Ferrari Roma with Bonitatem

donate and get ferrari roma bonitatem

donate and get ferrari roma bonitatem

With its distinctive flair and style, the car is a contemporary representation of the carefree, pleasurable way of life that characterised Rome in the 1950s and ‘60s.

The Ferrari Roma represents the pinnacle of performance in this category, thanks to its turbo-charged V8 from the family of engines that has won the overall International Engine of the Year award four years running. In this version, the engine reaches 620 cv at 7500 rpm and is coupled with the new 8-speed DCT gearbox that was introduced on the SF90 Stradale.

  • V8


  • 3.4 s

    0-100 KM/H

  • 3855 cc


  • 620 CV