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Andriy Shevchenko has Congratulated Doctors on the Medical Worker Day and Received an Invitation to Coach a Team

Doctors of the Ukrainian Medical Club and the Ukrainian Football Association of Medical Doctors will have a double holiday today. The first one is a national celebration, being Medical Worker’s Day. The second one is emotional, as UNITED24 Ambassador Andriy Shevchenko gave his congratulations:

“In the most difficult time, you are doing an extremely important job. You are my heroes, I am proud of you all and I will do everything to help you do your job,” said the legendary football player during a Zoom call.

The participants of the online meeting shared their experiences about the war’s most difficult moments. Yevhen Slepov, a pediatric surgeon at the Kyiv Regional Children’s Hospital, recalls:

The hardest time was during the shelling: Boyarka was fired from ‘Grads’ and other artillery. One of the shells flew into the private sector and completely destroyed the house. A girl was brought to us from there. She had a fragmentary lesion of the temporal area: the fragment remained under the skin without piercing the skull bones. It was a miracle.” Eugene also thanked Andriy Shevchenko for supporting the medics both today and in the 90s. “You might have forgotten, but many years ago, your foundation donated an ambulance to our hospital, and it saved a lot of children’s lives,” said Yevhen.

Oleksii Orlov, a surgeon at the Veterans’ Hospital, invited Shevchenko to see how the fighters are eager to recover from surgeries and return to the front: “You have no idea about the boys’ mood. Just yesterday they were on the operating table, and today they’re already running, wanting to go through rehabilitation as soon as possible and return to his brothers in arms.” 

Although medics have not left the front since the full-scale invasion, they are also finding time to organize charity events. These include a veterans’ football championship between doctors in Radyvilov,  and a charity match against military personnel, mayors and artists in Borodyanka after its deoccupation. The medical club of Ukraine has even managed to exclude russia from international competitions.