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A Fundraiser for Ambulance Vehicles Was Launched as Part of the Second Summit of First Ladies and Gentlemen

On July 23, the second Summit of First Ladies and Gentlemen will be held by the initiative of Olena Zelenska dedicated to the post-war recovery of the country. The event is part of an initiative by Olena Zelenska, and will be held in the format of an international telecast between Ukraine, Poland, Belgium, Great Britain, and the USA.

As part of the Summit, the First Lady will be raising funds for C-type ambulance vehicles, which can help save thousands of lives in Ukraine.

“How many reanimobiles do we need? Today’s estimated number is 400. Is that enough? I am not sure. The war will not end any time soon. Reanimobiles can rescue people under active shelling, and take out the wounded on roads otherwise broken by shells. Doctors risk their lives and, equipped with vehicles, actually come under hostilities,” the First Lady said.

Such vehicles are equipped with everything required to transport the severely injured to a hospital: oxygen tanks, cardiomonitors, defibrillators, electrocardiographs and ALV devices. The approximate cost of one such vehicle is EUR 100,000.

The second Summit of First Ladies and Gentlemen is designed to, once again, refocus the world’s attention to the full-scale war in the heart of Europe, as it numbers the 5 month mark. Human beings are the key theme of this year’s event. Preserving and safeguarding human life is the key to a successful reconstruction of the country, after all.